Why Us

Who is an Experience Maker?

A passionate and talented travel guide, local business owner or subject matter expert:

Art historian, architect, visual or performing artist, author, educator, craftsperson, chef, winemaker, farmer, designer, journalist, filmmaker, naturalist, photographer etc.

Why Us

We are reimagining luxury in travel as authentic connection, rare access, immersive storytelling, and a spirit of curiosity through exclusive and hard-to-arrange experiences.

Curated Experiences — Predominantly private, our experiences emphasize the arts, cultural immersion, gastronomy, photography, social impact, and the great outdoors.

Exceptional Experience Makers — We choose our Experience Makers for their welcomingness, specialized expertise, cultural insights, storytelling skills.

Find Easily and Buy Instantly — In a cluttered digital world with too much choice, our rigorous curation of experiences with thoughtful descriptions that visualize them, empower you to purchase with confidence—and instantly. This bypasses the tedious back-and-forth of custom arrangements, enabling you to swiftly secure your travel plans.

Transparent Pricing and Fair Compensation — Travelers can choose each distinctive experience with transparent pricing, avoiding the opaqueness of bundled packages. Experience Makers are fairly compensated for their talents and the unique access they provide

Craft a perfect itinerary that's uniquely your own with our journey toolkit and annual travel goals. Find inspiration in Journal Articles and integrate experiences while exploring attractions on your own terms.

Your travels support local businesses, Experience Makers, and artisans, fostering sustainable growth. The Fernwayer Fund directs 2% of our profits for making cultures and communities accessible now and preserving them for generations to come. For more information, sharing ideas or providing help, write to FernwayerFund@fernwayer.com.

Let’s make a difference.