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Marketplace for Organize-Your-Own Experiential Travel

Let’s travel together.

Book the best curated Experiences, that we select through rigorous scouting and evaluation. We speak to hundreds of Experience Makers, vet and select the best, so you don’t need to. There are experiences that would be hard to find on your own, and we help you discover them.

Travel with talented Experience Makers , whom we pick for their specialized expertise, cultural insight, storytelling skills, passion for their local region – and importantly, for their welcomingness . We work with guides, subject- matter experts, and travel business owners who play a key role in the making of an authentic, truly local experience that will remain with you for a long time.

Decide your destination by getting inspired by our Experiences, the Stories and Journeys of fellow Travelers, and our Journal posts. Set annual Travel Goals as a guidepost, and through the year, save interesting Stories and Experiences from our platform on your Dream Boards.

Organize-Your-Own Journey by using our journey-building tools. Get a jump start by replicating someone else’s Journey and customizing it to make it your own by incorporating your Dream Boards and Bookings.

Contribute to building cultures and communities by supporting local businesses, experience makers and craftspeople. Fernwayer Fund will direct 2% of profit for making cultures and communities accessible now and preserving them for generations to come. For more information, sharing ideas or providing us with your help, write to FernwayerFund@fernwayer.com.

Let’s make a difference.