Why Us

Who is an Experience Maker?

A passionate and talented travel guide, local business owner or subject matter expert:

Art historian, architect, visual or performing artist, author, educator, craftsperson, chef, winemaker, farmer, designer, journalist, filmmaker, naturalist,  photographer etc.

Why Us

Book the Best, Curated with Care. We meticulously scout and co-design unparalleled high-end Experiences, saving you the effort of sifting through countless options. Our selections are tailored for deep cultural immersion, offering rare access and exclusivity, adventure, and a positive social impact. Whether private or in very small groups, we ensure a profound connection with the people, place and the culture.

Travel with Talented Experience Makers, chosen for their specialized expertise, cultural insights, storytelling prowess, and a deep-rooted passion for their local regions. Their warmth and “welcomingness” promise an authentic and memorable journey.

Destination Inspiration. Let our Experiences, the Stories and Journeys of fellow travelers, and our insightful Journal articles ignite your wanderlust. Set annual Travel Goals as meaningful guideposts (we’re not fans of bucket lists!) and fill your Dream Boards with new adventures waiting to be discovered.

Organize Your Own Journey. Our Journey Toolkit empowers you to craft your perfect itinerary. Begin from scratch, gathering stories and experiences that resonate, or customize another traveler’s journey. By weaving in selections from your Dream Boards and incorporating your bookings, you'll create a travel experience that's uniquely your own.

Contribute to Building Cultures and Communities. Your travels support local businesses, Experience Makers, and artisans, fostering sustainable growth. The Fernwayer Fund directs 2% of our profits for making cultures and communities accessible now and preserving them for generations to come. For more information, sharing ideas or providing help, write to FernwayerFund@fernwayer.com.

Let’s make a difference.