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Fernwayer’s Private Tours in Dubrovnik

Explore Dubrovnik's hidden gems with Fernwayer’s luxury private tours, from exclusive archaeological sites to unique culinary experiences with locals. Book Now!

Jan 30, 2024

Discover the hidden treasures of Dubrovnik with Fernwayer’s private tours, meticulously designed to unveil the city’s lesser-known vistas, flavors, and stories, far from the well-trodden tourist paths. Each tour is crafted by local experts and innovators who are pioneering fresh, authentic experiences in this historic city. Delve into Dubrovnik's past with our exclusive archaeological tours, exploring secluded sites rarely visited by others. Experience the originality of our picnic hikes, conceived by the very person who first introduced these adventures in Dubrovnik. Our culinary tours not only trace the history of the city but also invite you to spend an afternoon with a local family, engaging in traditional peka cooking and olive tasting. Join us to experience Dubrovnik through the eyes of its residents and the hands of its artisans.


We are reimagining luxury in travel as authentic connection, immersive storytelling, rare access, and a spirit of curiosity through curated, exclusive, and hard-to-arrange experiences.

Food Tours in Dubrovnik

Discover Dubrovnik through unforgettable tours that promise to unveil the essence of this Croatian city through its flavors and traditions. Hike to a panoramic viewpoint where the azure Adriatic meets the ancient city walls, then relax and indulge in a delightful picnic amidst this picturesque setting. Wander through the storied streets of the Old Town, where each corner holds centuries of tales waiting to be discovered. Along the way, indulge in authentic Croatian cuisine, tasting traditional dishes that have been perfected over generations. Or learn to prepare Peka, and forge a genuine connection with a local family gaining insights into Croatian life and cuisine.

Dubrovnik Archaeology Tours

Follow an archaeologist on a journey through Dubrovnik's ancient roots. Explore hidden sites and delve into the rich history of Dubrovnik's Old Town. Gain exclusive insights into the city's evolution from its earliest beginnings to its medieval splendor. This immersive experience blends historical exploration with personal narratives, offering a profound understanding of Dubrovnik's heritage. Perfect for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike, discover a side of Dubrovnik that few have the privilege to explore.

Boat Tours in Dubrovnik

Experience the thrill of a sunset boat tour in Dubrovnik, where you can witness the ethereal glow of dusk casting its light over iconic landmarks like the city walls and Lokrum Island. Glide along the Adriatic Sea, observing the historic lighthouse and the scattered Elaphiti Islands in the distance, creating unforgettable silhouettes against the setting sun.

Explorations Near Dubrovnik

Explore the tranquil beauty of Trsteno, perfect for families and nature enthusiasts alike. Visit the historic Trsteno Arboretum, where you can stroll among centuries-old trees, enjoy a picturesque picnic, and learn about the area's rich botanical heritage. This lush Mediterranean garden, just a short drive from Dubrovnik, offers a peaceful escape from the city's bustle and a chance to connect with nature and local history in an idyllic setting.


The best journeys blend self-exploration and the immersiveness of guided Experiences. To help you plan your sightseeing, we regularly leverage our local experts to curate selections of ideal Dubrovnik itineraries, perfect for one day, two days, three days or more. Check out Fernwayer’s Dubrovnik Journeys!

Self-Explore Dubrovnik Attractions

Recommended by Fernwayer’s community of travelers, these are the places you can explore at your own pace, supported by excellent audio guides—for example, the Dubrovnik Cathedral. Each day, consider adding one or two of these self-explore locations to your itinerary, complemented by immersive, expertly guided Fernwayer private tours where the insights of a talented local expert can provide significant added value to the overall experience.

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Are you touring Croatia? Check out our luxury private tours in Dubrovnik and Rovinj. Coming Soon: Split.

Dubrovnik: Why Visit Now

"Overlooking the glorious blue Adriatic Sea in South Dalmatia, proud medieval-walled Dubrovnik is Croatia's most romantic destination. Much-loved by couples and newlyweds, the car-free old town is home to the Baroque cathedral with its green copper cupola, several outstanding museums, and aristocratic palazzi, once the homes to nobles and wealthy sea-faring families. Many buildings now host chic cafes and classy seafood eateries at ground level, with the choice ever expanding. Regarding accommodation, expect grand waterside hotels (several recently refurbished, and a couple due to reopen following renovation) offering fine dining, lush spas and contemporary design, as well as several luxurious boutique hotels in the old town." - Jane Foster

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