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11 Feb, 2022

Unforgettable Travel Experiences

VJ Singh
Adventurer, Storyteller, Photographer, Experience Catcher.

When we go on vacation, we resolve to never return - even if it turns out to be a wonderful trip - because we know we can’t recreate the magic of a memory. We focus, instead, on making the experience unforgettable - and live every minute fully. As soon as we get back, we plan out our next trip, to a place we’ve never been.

Putting together an itinerary for an upcoming vacation is one of the greatest joys of travel. Searching for the perfect set of experiences, for just the right amount of time, with the best of food and accommodation that we can afford, in an itinerary that builds up interest and variety as the days go by, is something we look forward to.

The anticipation - and first few hours of soaking up the atmosphere – of a new place, is like a brand new relationship. And as in any relationship, there is magic in getting completely lost despite the grand plan. 


The stories - we seek out travel that forces us ‘into the moment’, such as:


As it happens, the ultimate satisfaction of travel  is to then look at the photos we took, reflect on our experiences, read the stories we wrote at the time, and feel a deep sense of wonderment at how beautiful our big, big world is.