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Kanab, United States

Worth a detour
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VJ Singh
Antelope Canyon may be the most famous of Utah’s slot canyons, but if you want to avoid the large crowds, go to Buckskin Gulch - harder to reach but possibly, more enjoyable.
Wire Pass, a gorge carved through the Cockscomb by Coyote Wash, is the most popular entry route into Buckskin Gulch. It takes 1.7 miles to get to the slot canyon from the trailhead. Wire Pass is short, less than half a mile, but its slot canyon is even more confined than Buckskin, and makes for spectacular photos.
Buckskin Gulch twists its way for another 13 surreal miles, but we turn back after a couple of miles to head back to the trailhead. We’ve stopped every few feet to capture various angles of the rock and light - and literally run out of time. You could certainly do a wonderful all-day hike here.