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Ecotourism to the 7 color lake


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Alex Garcia
Laguna Bacalar, a pristine lagoon in the state of Quintana Roo, just a few hours from Tulum, is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. The place is known for its delicate ecosystem, and I recommend you stay in one of the eco-lodges and learn more about the unique flora and fauna while you're there.
Due to a complex, ancient oxygenation process, the lake's sedimentary structures shimmer in seven different blue colors, and the crystal clear water invites you to jump right in. There are several ways to explore the lagoon:
- Swimming in the tepid water
- Hiking around the lake
- Taking a sunrise tour on a stand-up paddleboard
You can easily stay 5 days in this small town, eat Mexican food, get take-out pizza, try mezcal (a liquor made from the agave), and take a free walk to the town's cemetery, small art galleries, and tiny souvenir stores. If you’re tight on time, two nights will make it as well.