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Manuela Castaneda
There are so many museums and art galleries in Paris that it's hard to decide where to go first. Most tourists want to stand in line at the Louvre, admire Claude Monet, or visit the National Museum of Art – but as so few check out the famous street art of Paris, we knew it was our thing to do.
There is so much history behind each piece of art or painting out there that it is worth investing some extra money and time to immerse yourself in Paris's artistic exploration fully. We did a whole self-organized art walk visiting 7 streets, with an audio tour, and visited the different places on our own (though you can get a personal guide).
Our highlight was Rue Saint-Maur – a 2km-long street painted mainly by the artist Kashink. The artist plays with classic elements of Parisian street art and combines them with modern political messages.