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Fernwayer’s Private Tours in Porto

Join one of our private tours run by local experts, from delicious food tours to discover the local cuisine to full immersions in nature. Experience authentic Porto with Fernwayer.

Jan 30, 2024

Discover Porto with Fernwayer’s expertly curated private tours, designed to forge deep human connections while showcasing the rich traditions, delectable food, and stunning natural beauty of Porto and its surrounding regions. Our petiscos tour in Porto is truly immersive, featuring exciting stops that let you dive deep into the local culinary scene. Porto serves as the perfect base for adventure tours into Arouca and Gerês, where we offer day tours that blend enriching walking and driving adventures with meaningful interactions with local communities. In Matosinhos, immerse yourself in the life of fishermen, from witnessing their daily catch to visiting a canning factory and enjoying the freshly prepared seafood. Each Fernwayer private tour in Porto is a gateway to immersive experiences, where the culture, cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes of northern Portugal come vividly to life.


We are reimagining luxury in travel as authentic connection, immersive storytelling, rare access, and a spirit of curiosity through curated, exclusive, and hard-to-arrange experiences.

Porto Food Tours

Discover Porto's flavors with Fernwayer's local experience makers and passionate cultural interpreters who will guide you through the city's streets and markets in search of unmatched gastronomic experiences. Sample a variety of petiscos — Portugal’s answer to tapas — at local hideaways and bustling markets. Delve into the secrets and stories behind Porto's iconic dishes, savoring the taste of genuine Portuguese culture.

Unique Local Experiences

Join us on a road trip to the port town of Matosinhos for a unique journey from sea to table, where you can witness the daily life of local fishermen. Learn about traditional fishing techniques, explore a bustling fish market, and see the canning process firsthand. The day concludes with a delicious meal featuring the day's freshest catch, offering a true taste of local culture and gastronomy. Along the way, you'll gain insight into Portugal's deep-seated love for the ocean and for fish!

Outdoor Adventures Around Porto: Discover Arouca and Gerês

Venture into the lush landscapes of Portugal's interior with Fernwayer. Follow our experience makers to the forests of Peneda-Gerês National Park and dive into the natural wonders of this biosphere reserve or take a day trip to Arouca to cross a vertigo-inducing suspension bridge stretching across a 516-meter gorge. Each tour is meticulously designed to not only immerse you in the thrill of nature but also to connect you deeply with local communities and their cultures. Our expert guides enhance your adventure with stories and traditions, bringing you closer to the spirit of northern Portugal.


Planning a seafood-based food tour, or a day trip from Porto to the nature of Portugal's interior? Guided by local experts, our curated Porto tours give you access to immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences.


The best journeys blend self-exploration and the immersiveness of guided Experiences. To help you plan your sightseeing, we regularly leverage our local experts to curate selections of ideal Porto itineraries, perfect for one day, two days, three days or more. Check out Fernwayer’s Porto Journeys!

Self-Explore Porto Attractions

Recommended by Fernwayer’s community of travelers, these are the places you can explore at your own pace—for example, the Livraria Lello and the Porto Cathedral. Each day, consider adding one or two of these self-explore locations to your itinerary, complemented by immersive, expertly guided Fernwayer private tours where the insights of a talented local expert can provide significant added value to the overall experience.

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Porto: Why Visit Now?

It’s hard not to feel entranced by Porto, with its tile-clad buildings, romantic riverside promenade, and century-old wine cellars. Writers like J.K. Rowling have fallen for it, and so have older English generations who keep returning for its Port. The industry is still going strong, but over the years, this northern Portuguese city has found other ways to attract visitors, through its lively music scene, emerging art galleries, and innovative cuisine. - Joana Taborda

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