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One-leg Fishing

Intha, Myanmar (Burma)

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Rebecca Goncalves
On a foggy morning as the sun rose over Lake Inle, my boatman took me to the rendezvous point deep inside Inle Lake. Three fishermen sat in their boats with little fires to warm them up. They had promised me the previous evening to do a demonstration of their fishing technique.
The quintessential pose of the Inle fisherman involves standing at the end of the boat on one leg with the other wrapped around his oar. Inle is a shallow lake and standing wouldn’t let they see the reeds below, they explain. Plus they use their body to propel the boat, leaving their hands free to collect their fishing net.
Then they throw the cone-shape nets into the water, pressing on it with their foot so it sinks to the bottom where the fish are and traps them in.