Cartagena | Spain

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Manuela Castaneda
A road trip through Spain is literally the best option for those looking for a local, less touristic experience. You can basically rent a car anywhere you want – we started in Barcelona, heading down the coast, and taking stops in Ebro Delta and Denia and other sleepy beach towns down the road. One of our highlights was the Spanish town of Cartagena – a historical hub with beautiful angled roads, traditional culture to explore (expect to be invited to some Cerveza by the locals), and history lessons about Phoenician traders, Roman soldiers, and Christian Reconquistas. If you have some days left, visiting Andalusia is a must. It's by far the most beautiful region in Spain and is known for its majestic horse breed, pristine beaches, hot weather, and super friendly culture.
All in all, it took us two weeks to get down the coast – but you can make it in a week as well – though you might have less time to explore, sunbathe, and learn about the history of Spain