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Moab | United States

Worth a detour


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Peter Merrick
I have traveled to Moab, Utah on more than one occasion and every time it has been an absolute blast! This small, more local town is home to some amazing things that you can’t find anywhere else.
There is a place there that I travel to every time called Mill Creek Canyon. It is a short hike to a watering hole that supplies the river you will have to cross more than once. Once you reach the watering hole, you will find an amazing view and usually many friendly people depending on what time you go.
Now, it can get pretty hot in Utah so don’t forget the water and the sunblock, as well as a swimming suit!
The main attraction there is the cliff jumping! You can climb up the small waterfall and there will be a small ledge where you can jump from into the freezing water below. Let me tell you, it’s an absolute blast that you will never forget!
I highly recommend this location to all people, even if you’re just passing through
Hope to see you in Moab!