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Il Duomo di Milano, a symbol of Milan's grandeur, stands as a testament to Gothic architecture. Why should you visit?
1 - Dominating Milan's skyline, the Duomo's 135 spires, including the iconic Madonnina spire, create a stunning silhouette. The Madonnina, a polychrome sculpture created by Giuseppe Perego in 1762, rests atop the tallest spire at a breathtaking height of 108 meters.
2 - Il Duomo is adorned with over 3,400 statues, the largest collection on any building globally. Notable is the statue of the Madonnina covered in 3,900 pieces of gold leaf. Inside, the vast interior can hold up to 40,000 visitors, with enormous stone pillars and niches housing a staggering 3,159 images.
3 - The cathedral boasts fifty-five windows, including some of the largest stained glass in Europe, mainly created during the 15th and 16th centuries. The New Testament window, a masterpiece of Lombard craftsmanship, is particularly renowned. These windows display intricate designs and vibrant colors, illuminating biblical stories and adding an ethereal quality to the cathedral's interior​​​​.
4 - One of Il Duomo's unique features is its accessible rooftop. Visitors can ascend (by stairs or elevator) to this rooftop terrace, offering close-up views of the spires, pinnacles, and flying buttresses. This vantage point provides a panoramic view of Milan, allowing visitors to appreciate the cathedral's architectural complexity and the city's urban landscape​​​​.
5 - The Duomo's construction was initially a political and religious statement, reflecting Milan's centrality in the region. Over the centuries, it became a symbol of Milanese identity and resilience, surviving periods of foreign rule and even World War II bombardment. The cathedral has continually evolved, with its final elements completed in 1965, and still requires regular maintenance due to urban pollution​​​​.
Photo by Kristy Kravchenko