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Marrakesh | Morocco

Visit if in the area

2 hours

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Vinitaa Jayson
There’s not much that has changed in this Square in its millennium of existence.
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what you’ll find: Percussionists, Acrobats, Fortune-tellers, Conjurers, Gnawa musicians, Henna tattoo artists, Food Vendors, Snake charmers, Potion peddlers, Un-winnable carnival games.
As dusk settles over Marrakech, look up at the sky. Follow the direction of what looks like a bonfire of epic proportions. When you manage to edge past the thousands of people, you realize it’s only smoke from kebabs and snails at over a hundred barbecue stalls, staffed by some of the busiest chefs and unflappable crews you’ll ever see.
Look around the Square and locate a restaurant with a balcony. Buy a glass of mint tea and grab a coveted plastic chair at the edge of the balcony to see the grand view of the world’s largest human tableau play out below.