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Vevang, Norway

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VJ Singh
What does teetering on the edge of the ocean feel like?
The Atlantic Road is an 8-kilometre roller-coaster stretch of road between Kristiansund and Molde.
It skips nimbly from island to island, across seven curvy bridges. The tallest of them, Storseisundet, has a dramatic rise/fall and an impossibly artistic curve. At the highest point, I can actually see the other bridges connecting the tiny islands ahead.
In contrast, the bridge nearby - from where I take this photo - is flat, specially constructed for anglers - and the woman standing next to me comes here every day to catch her meal fresh. She demonstrates how she is only finding small pollock this evening - and calmly proceeds to slash the just-caught fish’s throat before dropping it into her nearly-full bucket. Too much Information, I tell her. She laughs.
On the hillock opposite the bridge, I count seven pairs of people holding hands and looking out to the water.
It is that kind of view.