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Pyramids of Tikal

Tikal, Guatemala

Worth a detour
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Alok Singh
The spectacular Mayan ruins of Tikal overrun by miles of unspoiled jungle are extraordinarily rich in wildlife incl. the elusive jaguar. 🐆
It’s one of the few UNESCO World Heritage sites that combines both cultural and natural richness and the 500+ sq km contains numerous remains of the Mayan civilization scattered across wetlands, savannah and tropical jungles teaming with birds and monkeys.
It was a thrilling experience to wander in a place that was one of the great cities of the world around 700 AD and wonder how people lived at that time.
We went late afternoon to take advantage of the magical light falling on the structures and our guide, Daveed, was very helpful in highlighting the important sites and the life at that time. We enjoyed watching the sunset from the top of Temple IV. A perfect filming location for Yavin 4 in Star Wars.
After the sunset, we walked in the fading light to the spectacular Grand Plaza, relieved in Daveed’s assurance that the 🐆 is shy of humans.