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Worth a detour


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Alok Singh
A slow-paced night photo walk. On foot over odd shaped cobblestones.
It does not start well as it starts raining even as we take a cab to Pantheon to meet our local photographer and lose a wallet in the cab. We miraculously get It back (another story) and we start our walk .. lethargic, in deference to summer, but still aware of art and life.
We walk from the Pantheon through Piazza Navona to Ponte Vittorio Emmanuel for views over to the Vatican. The streets are wet, and Piazza Navona is teeming with Romans doing la passeggiata, an evening ritual I wish we could reapply in other cities.
Later, joining the locals in their celebration of Summer along River Tiber (Lungo il Tivera Roma) well into midnight, it is easy to forget all about work and settle more definitively into a vacation frame-of-mind.
Afterwards, a stroll to Campidoglio for priceless views of the illuminated Roman Forum, seems like just the thing to do.