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Marrakesh | Morocco

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Vinitaa Jayson
Yves Saint Laurent gifted Jardin Majorelle to Marrakech, the city that adopted him and his partner in the 60s. They bought an electric-blue villa and its garden, preserved the vision of its original owner (landscape painter Jacques Majorelle), and opened it to the public.
What makes this feel like a psychedelic mirage in the desert?
Hot pink bougainvillea bursting from terracotta planters. Architectural cacti in lemon-yellow planters. Bamboos growing against cobalt-blue walls. Colorful birds flitting through palm trees. Saint Laurent’s gorgeous collection of Moroccan art, that I totally covet.
It also has a museum that features jewelry in a setting that our guide Khadija keeps referring to as “a dream”. A dark room with a star-spangled ceiling and low voltage spotlights shining on stunning jewelry sets.
Khadija’s right. Please let all my dreams be like this place.