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How Many Gondolas?

Venice, Italy

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Alok Singh
On a sunrise photo-walk, we are at Piazza San Marco. At 5AM, it’s empty, other than for a few pigeons, and a photo enthusiast like ourselves. And we run across - with tripods - to get to the Canal looking out towards San Giorgio Maggiore Island.
Our objective? To watch and photograph gondolas swaying in the canals of Venice. It’s perfect for long exposure shots. The gondolas and docks are lit up by street lights and the sky has the perfect blend of dark and light.
We then rush over to the vaporetto stand near Europa & Regina Hotel overlooking Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, for another Gondola scene (pictured) while the light is still good.
So, how many gondolas can you get into one frame?
We head out down the Grand Canal to the Rialto Fish Market. Some sellers are packing up after a good morning, but we’re able to get some great shots of everyday life.
We walk back over Rialto bridge (great for photos of activity on the Canal) back to the hotel for breakfast.