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Alok Singh
This being a ‘chill trip’, we did not want to hike 10 hours on a glacier. Instead we trek on the Vatnajokull glacier looking for ice caves with wind on our face and ice under our feet.
Earlier, we woke up at 7 and drive in cold and windy January to Skaftafell National Park to meet Einar, our guide.
This cave... like others ... started forming In August but you are never sure it will be stable to explore till later. In September, the loose ceiling collapsed and this brilliant cave was formed.
These fragile and transitory structure require constant maintenance from falling rock and melting icicles. Einer enters the cave and spots a few boulders on the roof. He removes them to prevent harm to the cave and us.
As we move around, the cave looks different as our viewing angle and the sunlight outside changes.
We are in complete awe ... and hungry. Luckily a steaming meal of lamb and potatoes is close by.