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VJ Singh
The Moroccan fig liquor is beginning to sneak up on me. Or perhaps it’s the jet lag. The soulful music of the live folk vocalist is not helping either.
We’re waiting for dinner, in the courtyard of a restored Riad. It’s a good thing I haven’t eaten much during the flight because very soon, it’s clear that they expect me to have the appetite of a small army.
The food is absolutely delicious, and here’s what I learn:
“Salad” is a selection of 5-10 amazing dips served with khobz - flatbread.
Pigeon pastille is a must-have any time you see it on a menu!
Tagine of lamb with fluffy couscous - when cooked to perfection as it is here - is irresistible.
This is followed by an elaborate dessert course, mint tea prepared with precision and ceremony, gnawa singers and a belly dancer who insists on audience participation.
This story celebrates a series of unforgettable meals in Marrakesh - some in fine restaurants and others on the street.