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Fernwayer’s Private Tours in Lisbon

Join one of our luxury Lisbon private tours run by local experts, from art, design and culture walking tours, culinary experiences, to intimate Fado nights. Experience authentic Lisbon with Fernwayer.

Jan 31, 2024

Fernwayer's Lisbon private tours are crafted by passionate local experts to reveal the heart and soul of this vibrant city while engaging all your senses. Immerse yourself in authentic Lisbon, from architecture walking tours seeking intricate azulejos and photo walks far from the tourist trail to intimate Fado nights that share the profound saudade in its music. Visit historic shops and meet artisans who have preserved their crafts for generations. Experience the innovative spirit of locals creating new entrepreneurial and culinary ventures, savoring delicious food and drinks along the way. Discover Lisbon’s art, fashion, and lifestyle through our unique experiences, and support social impact projects. For a change of scenery, join day trips from Lisbon to the Arrábida National Park and nearby wine regions, where you can hike iconic trails, enjoy breathtaking natural beauty, and taste exquisite local wines. Connect with the welcoming people who make Lisbon so special.


We are reimagining luxury in travel as authentic connection, immersive storytelling, rare access, and a spirit of curiosity through curated, exclusive, and hard-to-arrange experiences.

Culture & Historical Walking Tours in Lisbon

Discover the city's architectural and cultural gems with the help of local experts like Tiago Neiva, who will offer a full immersion in three centuries of history through palaces, churches and old shops that have become icons of the city's identity. From architecture to ancient stories, experience the legacy of Lisbon’s past through its iconic landmarks and hidden historical treasures.

The Sound of Fado

Discover the musical side of Lisbon by joining one of our private tours through the melodies of Fado. Experience the true meaning of "saudade" by stepping into a dimly lit casa do fado with one of our local experience makers and enjoy an evening of traditional live music and local food after a tour of the city's symbols.

Art, Design, Fashion & Photography Tours

Unveil the creative spirit of Lisbon on tours designed for art lovers and style enthusiasts, no prior experience or skills needed. From photo walks and art walks to behind-the-scenes fashion and design experiences, immerse yourself in the city’s artistic vibrancy, innovative makers, and photograph its stunning aesthetic.

Food & Culinary Experiences

Launching in mid-July! Indulge in the rich flavors of Lisbon through culinary tours that offer a taste of local life. Explore traditional markets, innovative eateries, and meet the people who are shaping Lisbon’s food scene, all while savoring dishes that tell the story of the city’s gastronomic heritage.

Day Trips from Lisbon: Arrábida, Évora, and Beyond

Discover the diverse landscapes and rich history just a short drive from Lisbon. Venture on walking or driving "safari" experiences through the scenic routes of Sesimbra and Setúbal, where nature and adventure meet. Or, explore the ancient city of Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage site, renowned for its well-preserved Roman temple, captivating medieval walls, and vibrant local culture. Each day trip offers a unique opportunity to see a different side of Portugal, filled with unforgettable sights and stories.


Are you ready to experience Lisbon’s rich tapestry of culture and history with Fernwayer’s private tours, crafted to reveal the city’s authentic heart through intimate walks, culinary delights, and artistic encounters? Extend your adventure with exclusive day trips to the serene landscapes of Arrábida, or the historic charm of Évora. Guided by local experts, our curated Lisbon tours give you access to immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences.


The best journeys blend self-exploration and the immersiveness of guided Experiences. To help you plan your sightseeing, we regularly leverage our local experts to curate selections of ideal Lisbon itineraries, perfect for one day, two days, three days or more. Check out Fernwayer’s Lisbon Journeys!

Self-Explore Lisbon Attractions

Recommended by Fernwayer’s community of travelers, these are the places you can explore at your own pace—for example, Museu do Oriente or Torre de Belém. Each day, consider adding one or two of these self-explore locations to your itinerary, complemented by immersive, expertly guided Fernwayer private tours where the insights of a talented local expert can provide significant added value to the overall experience.

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"There was a time when Lisbon was far from the spotlight. Smaller than its neighboring European capitals, the Portuguese city went under the radar for a while, with most tourists preferring the country’s balmy southern coast. But things took a turn over the last decade, thanks to a series of renovation projects and a surge of creative and tech spaces, all of which have contributed to a new wave of visitors. Now, it seems everyone is raving about it. Digital nomads come and go (Lisbon has one of Europe’s largest nomad communities), but many have permanently moved here, drawn by the city’s laidback lifestyle and the unique blend of old and new.” — Joana Taborda

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