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Fernwayer’s Private Tours in the Algarve

Join one of our luxury private tours in the Algarve to discover ancient crafts, explore natural wonders and taste unique flavors with Fernwayer's exceptional local experience makers.

Jan 30, 2024

Discover the enchanting Algarve with Fernwayer’s private tours, meticulously curated to showcase the region’s skilled artisans, dedicated farmers, and passionate naturalists. Delve into the world of traditional craft-making, where generations of artisans draw on centuries-old skills and practices, some of which are in danger of being lost. Experience authentic farm visits, engaging directly with producers who blend time-honored agricultural methods with modern innovations. Explore the Algarve's natural beauty on guided hikes with expert naturalists, learning about the region's unique ecosystems. Each experience is designed to entertain while supporting social impact and cultural conservation, ensuring your visit contributes positively to the local community and helps preserve the heritage of this beautiful region.


We are reimagining luxury in travel as authentic connection, immersive storytelling, rare access, and a spirit of curiosity through curated, exclusive, and hard-to-arrange experiences.

Meet the Algarve's Artisans

Fernwayer takes you to the heart of southern Portugal's long-standing artisanal traditions. Join one of our private tours in the Algarve to meet local artisans, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of historic markets and learn how artistic products are skillfully made by hand. Follow a local experience maker on an Algarve day trip to discover how craft-making is passed on through generations.

Flavors of the Algarve Countryside

Taste the exceptional flavors of the Algarve with local experience makers who will take you to visit the organic farms producing some of the region's best-known delicacies. Take a trip to Rogil or Castro Marim (or both!) to enjoy a lunch with producers of traditional foods right where they are made. From peanut butter to salt-aged pork, taste the Algarve with Fernwayer.

Guided Hikes in the Algarve

Step off the beaten path and into the Algarve’s breathtaking landscapes with our guided hikes. Led by a passionate knowledgeable local expert, these tours take you through lush forests, orchards and nature reserves. Experience the unique ecosystems and rich biodiversity of the region, all while learning about the conservation efforts that help preserve these natural treasures. Join us to discover the hidden beauty of the Algarve on foot - tracking fruit trees, orchids, and birds!


Planning a walking or driving tour to explore Algarve’s cultural roots, local food producers, or its natural landscapes? Our curated tours, guided by local experts, offer immersive experiences that support social impact and conservation.


The best journeys blend self-exploration and the immersiveness of guided Experiences. To help you plan your sightseeing, we regularly leverage our local experts to curate selections of ideal Algarve itineraries, perfect for one day, two days, three days or more. Check out Fernwayer’s Algarve Journeys!

Self-Explore Algarve Attractions

Recommended by Fernwayer’s community of travelers, these are the places you can explore at your own pace, supported by excellent audio guides—for example, Faro's Old Town and the Benagil Cave. Each day, consider adding one or two of these self-explore locations to your itinerary, complemented by immersive, expertly guided Fernwayer private tours where the insights of a talented local expert can provide significant added value to the overall experience.

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The Algarve: Why Visit Now?

With the opening of Faro’s airport in the 1960s, the flow of visitors increased dramatically, putting the sun-drenched region of the Algarve under the international spotlight. Small fishing villages have since grown into bustling resort towns such as Albufeira and Vilamoura, and the accommodation choices are expanding. The same can be said about the culinary scene, which includes a mix of traditional restaurants and upscale spots like the recently-opened Vivant, Austa, or Numa. On top of that, you’ll also encounter handmade crafts, scenic trails, and regional treats like olive oil and medronho. - Joana Taborda

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